Why Will Bitcoin Win?

Bitcoin is Digital Gold

Gold was independently chosen by every society as money for thousands of years due to it’s inherent monetary properties. Bitcoin is digital gold, it improves on all of gold’s qualities, making it the best money in human history.

It will be chosen voluntarily by the market because of it’s monetary superiority.

That’s why I don’t care about convincing you to buy any. If I’m right, you’ll demand to be paid in bitcoin someday.

Bitcoin is Obvious

Bitcoin is so good you don’t believe it at first. But it is literally so obvious if you take the time to learn about it.

Bitcoin is shorting government currency, and going long on technology and free markets. Basically the easiest trade ever.

If you don’t understand the problem with our current monetary system, and you don’t understand what bitcoin is, of course you wouldn’t understand why bitcoin is the solution. But for those who have ventured down the rabbit hole and come out believers there’s no going back.

Bitcoin is the greatest monetary asset ever developed and has no competition.

I can’t believe so many people have their heads in the sand.

I had been told by many people over many years about bitcoin and yet I ignored them. When I finally realized what Bitcoin was I felt so stupid, like I was the last to know about this revolutionary game changing technology and the greatest asset the world has ever known.

After years and years and hundreds and hundreds of hours of rigorous study, I have not changed this position, and I honestly feel bad for people who don’t understand yet.

This is why I’m dedicating my life to educating others and helping them with the difficult technical challenges of bitcoin onboarding.

One of my favorite tweets of all time

We’re Still so Early

We’re monetizing the future global reserve asset in real time and hardly anyone understands what it is.

Right now the tools and scaling solutions are too primitive and not liquid enough. Most people don’t understand bitcoin, don’t care about it, or worse, are steadfastly against it.

But as the ecosystem gets built out and people start building unique solutions, the simultaneous breakdown in the fiat system will propel bitcoin holders and institutions to adopt magic internet money. The 20th century financial instruments denominated in fiat currency and lubricated by government debt won’t last.

There will be a tipping point in bitcoin acceptability by merchants. Right now it’s a struggle to get businesses to use and accept bitcoin, rooted in the lack of regulatory clarity, low adoption, and volatility.

Eventually when the S curve starts to mature, and the bitcoin rush commences, everyone will voluntarily accept bitcoin as payment because it’s the best money ever invented.

By that time, the UX of bitcoin adoption will be basically flawless and it’ll be extremely easy to integrate for any online business.

The management of bitcoin too will improve. Personal private Ai assistants that we can run on a home server will become ubiquitous and will be able to manage our bitcoin for us. Maximize privacy in transactions, work to manage liquidity and sidechain staking, and overall work with the myriad of decentralized protocols, defi, bifi, nostr, for full financial sovereignty, even for people who don’t have the time to learn themselves.

Bitcoin is Immortal

A future dystopia is scary, but highly unlikely. The genie is out of the bottle and bitcoin is here to stay.

Because of the networks extremely secure proof of work consensus model, game theory incentive structure, decentralized node infrastructure, immutable consensus rules, lack of central governance, and global adoption – Bitcoin is effectively the most secure and reliable protocol outside of the internet itself.

It is extremely durable and resilient, even being considered anti-fragile as it grows stronger when facing resistance.

My favorite description of bitcoin’s over-the-top security is that it’s comparable to the entire US military being tasked to defend a small playground deep in the mountains.

Bitcoin is Inevitable

Bitcoin is the true, free market asset. If you understand free markets than you’ll see why its inevitable. A monetary policy and trustless infrastructure which can’t be coopted by factions, and instead is run automatically by a distributed network of computers.

It is extremely unique and non-replicable due to it’s network effects and unparalleled decentralization.

Bitcoin is already much larger than other crypto projects, and dwarfs all direct competitors. It’s currently worth 50% of the entire crypto market, and almost 3X more than ALL OTHER cryptocurrencies (other than ETH and Stables), COMBINED. The entire DeFi market is orders of magnitude smaller than just bitcoin.

Meaning, that all of the game theoretic shelling points onto a singular monetary good combined with the unique strengths of bitcoin, make it an uncontested champion for digital gold and the primary money of the internet.

It’s supply is capped at 21 Million coins, with only 7% to be mined over the next hundred years and with 75% of it’s current supply held by religious zealots of the technology. With a total addressable market in the hundreds of trillions, and the seamless accessibility of the technology, the supply shock and deflationary spiral will be a feedback loop for mass adoption.

Bitcoin is a Revolutionary Invention That Has Changed the Course of Human History

It’s the best money ever designed and best savings technology ever invented.

It’s extremely liquid, has a completely open global market, open 24/7 to anyone and anything anywhere, no exceptions.

All attempts at stopping bitcoin are impossible and will only slow it down. Trying to stop superior technology never works. Especially a bottom up merit based market chosen money. I wish everyone luck in trying to stop digital gold.

Even if bitcoin’s only value amounts to being a ‘store of value’ that still is an addressable market of hundreds of trillions of dollars.

If we’re talking about international settlement then we’re talking quadrillions of dollars, and if we’re talking the base layer money and monetary infrastructure for the planet then bitcoin is worth the entire economy of the future!

You see, we’re aiming for everything. Worst case scenario is still revolutionary, and there’s no going back now. 

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