Why Should You Care?

The truth is, bitcoin doesn’t give a fuck about you.

Bitcoin is software, not sentient. It operates automatically and asks no human for praise. It already has over a hundred million adopters, is one of the largest assets in the world and settles trillions of dollars in value annually.

Bitcoin doesn’t need you, and bitcoin doesn’t ask for your approval.

So why should you care at all?

Let me start off by saying my objective here is not to get you to buy bitcoin. I leave investment advice to the finance bros.

To be honest, unless you learn how to manage your keys, self custody your funds in a hardware wallet, and truly believe in the philosophy of bitcoin, you really shouldn’t be buying any.

Bitcoin is also a voluntary system, you don’t have to use it, or like it, or buy into it. Unlike government money which is imposed without consent, you are free to avoid bitcoin.

Why bitcoin? is not about why it makes a unique uncorrelated diversification hedge blah blah blah

This is a common misconception, bitcoin’s main purpose isn’t to be a speculative investment. What you have to understand is that it’s not about making money, it’s about fixing money.

Why bitcoin? More so helps explain the basics in a way that I wish someone had laid out for me.

Why bitcoin? is more like –

  • “Why is bitcoin important?”
  • “Why was bitcoin invented?”
  • “Why will bitcoin win?”

WARNING: The passages that follow are only for the intellectually curious.

Bitcoin is a greatly misunderstood technological revolution, often getting lumped in with monkey NFT’s, dog joke coins, and scams like FTX. You often hear pundits comment that it has no intrinsic value, or that it’s only use is to be traded. I don’t blame them, bitcoin is really difficult to understand.

And yet bitcoin is the best performing asset class this year and for the last decade. It refuses to die, continuously hitting all time highs. People have been calling Bitcoin a bubble since it was worth $30 in 2011. 12 years later it’s worth $30,000. Major international corporations, sovereign nations, and billionaires have bitcoin in their portfolio, and global regulation has only gotten increasingly favorable.

If you’re still ignoring bitcoin or calling it a bubble, maybe it’s finally time to to ask why you’ve been proven wrong again and again. Our egos are a major barrier preventing us from taking that initial step to study bitcoin.

I personally don’t think you shouldn’t be allowed an opinion on bitcoin if you can’t explain what it is, who made it, and why.

But once you study it, once it clicks, once you fall down the rabbit hole, you’ll realize that bitcoin is extremely powerful, extremely unique, and extremely important.

Bitcoin is the best money in history while also being a reinvention of money itself.

Its digital, decentralized, global, free market, and open-source programmable economic infrastructure will obsolete our antiquated fiat based system.

And it’s platform of inalienable human rights will safeguard liberty and the principles of the enlightenment for all of humanity for generations to come.

But I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

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