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Crypto IntroductionBitcoin: Introduction to the Internet of Money A great introduction by Andreas, touching on what money is, and without naming names, why the technology of money as information will change the world
Bitcoin OverviewIntroduction to Bitcoin: what is bitcoin and why does it matter?  Andreas explains bitcoin better than anyone, might want to watch it a couple of times
BitcoinI’M ALL IN: Bitcoin & The Exponential Age [text]A good thread on why bitcoin will play a role in the future
Bitcoin OverviewDear Family, Dear Friends: A letter to all of you who still have no bitcoin. [text] A simple and comprehensive overview, every newcomer to bitcoin should read this
Bitcoin EconomicsThe Bullish Case for Bitcoin [text]Great overarching economic text, that goes through the origins of money, benefits of a store of value, characteristics of good monies, common misconceptions and real risks about bitcoin
Bitcoin PoliticsBitcoin is a Trojan Horse for freedom [text]Why bitcoin’s ‘number go up’ game theory, is also a ‘freedom go up’ tool for establishing human rights
Bitcoin MoralityCheck your financial privilege [text]Why bitcoin naysayers miss the bigger picture for bitcoin adoption in countries like Nigeria, Sudan, and Ethiopia
Bitcoin PoliticsBitcoin: Our only hope to separate money from state [text]Almost like the bitcoin manifesto itself
Bitcoin OverviewBitcoin is Punk Rock Andreas explains why bitcoin is disruptive, and why “blockchain” is corporate boardroom friendly bullshit
Bitcoin OverviewIt’s Too Late — Nothing Can Stop The Bitcoin Protocol [text]A great (and short) overview of why bitcoin’s mechanics make it inevitable
Bitcoin OverviewGuy Swann – Bitcoin An Unstoppable Force A great speech on why bitcoin is eternal
Bitcoin OverviewCan Governments Stop Bitcoin? [text]A good introduction to bitcoin as well as a good refutation of 
Bitcoin FinanceUsing Bitcoin Loans To Buy Anything Conceptually how taking out a loan against bitcoin works, and why the rich buy everything with credit
Bitcoin FinanceBitcoin Wealth: Where you rank! A detailed study on who has the coins and percentile wealth A fun little video to see where you stand in the hierarchy, and how much you need to be in the top 1% of btc holders
Bitcoin SecurityOne does not simply censor bitcoin [text]You’re not going to ban Bitcoin, so just give up
Bitcoin SecurityDebunking the Empty Block Attack [text]  Potential threats against bitcoin and how the network would respond
Bitcoin HistoryUnmasking The Creator Of Bitcoin A quick dabble into bitcoin’s creator, who they might be, and how this is a potential bitcoin vulnerability. An emotional case for why we are all Satoshi
Bitcoin HistoryThe Symbolic Link Between the Bitcoin White Paper and Halloween [text]Satoshi’s whitepaper day symbolism compared to the reformation, separation of money and state
Bitcoin HistoryThe Quest for Digital Cash [text]A great piece on the cyperpunk history of Bitcoin
Bitcoin HistoryBitcoin Is An Idea [text]  Another super detailed lookback into bitcoin’s history, and how it was Satoshi’s genius to stich all of these ideas together
Bitcoin EconomicsThe Bitcoin Black Hole Effect [text]Bitcoin’s feedback loop in an ever indebted world
Bitcoin EconomicsBitcoin & A Deflationary World An economic discussion on deflation vs inflation in a bitcoin economy
Bitcoin EconomicsBitcoin: The Future of Money? | Bitcoiner Book Club | The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast – S4: E:40 A lot of smart people all talking about bitcoin, they cover a lot of ground but it’s mostly economic
Bitcoin MechanicsBlockchain 101 –  A visual Demo If your curious of how bitcoin works under the hood, and how a blockchain works, this is a great visual
Bitcoin MechanicsBut how does bitcoin actually work?  Another great visual example, but less technical and more overarching
Bitcoin MechanicsCan Quantum Computers Hack Bitcoin?!? How and why bitcoin is quantum computer proof
Bitcoin MechanicsBitcoin is Time [text] How bitcoin is a timechain, and how bitcoin’s way of keeping time is integral to its design. The audio file is embedded towards the top of the article if you want to listen along
LightningThe Lightning Network Is Going to Change How You Think About Bitcoin [text]An in depth look at how bitcoin’s layers and programmability could change the world
Blockchain futureSelf-Sovereign Identity Explained [text]This one is less about bitcoin and more conceptually how making an NFT of ourselves could revolutionize the future
Blockchain’s FutureAndreas Antonopoulos: Bitcoin, Layer 2 Solutions, and the Wild West of Crypto (w/Ash Bennington) Andreas goes into layer 2s, NFT’s, smart contracts, stable coins and more
Blockchain’s FutureThe Future of Ethereum Doesn’t have Wallets [text]A possible future where DApps are as seemless with services as airbnb is now with credit cards
Lightning OverviewFuture of Bitcoin: Lightning Network
A short documentary clip introducing the lightning network
Bitcoin OverviewMurad Mahmudov: The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument (Off the Chain with Anthony Pompliano)A great intro to bitcoin
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