Forget everything you know about bitcoin. Forget everything you know about blockchain, and crypto.

Once you begin this journey there’s no going back. Those who venture down this path rarely return.

Once you understand bitcoin in all of its complexity, your life and your view of the world will change forever.

Be warned, there are more questions than answers that lie ahead of you.

If you’ve ever watched the show Lost, you know what it’s like to be sucked down a path of endless questions and an unquenchable thirst to know where it all leads.

I want to make an all encompassing introduction to people, about what bitcoin actually is.

I know how revolutionary bitcoin is, but it’s a really tough subject to explain.

It took me a hundred hours to understand it, hundreds more just addressing my questions, and another few hundred after that trying to find the catch. I want to break it all down so you can understand in much less time than it took me haha. If I’m good at one thing its organizing knowledge.

There’s a lot of misinformation and scammy shit out there, and there needs to be more honest and dependable voices in the space. I have no financial reason to do this, I’m just passionate.

I want you to know, I too was skeptical about bitcoin for many years, even after studying it for countless hours. It’s very important that you learn about bitcoin in an adversarial way, don’t believe anyone, and cross check many sources. This is a huge commitment but I can tell you it’s worth it.

Even after a couple of years exploring what is bitcoin you’ll find that you are still learning you’re still trying to understand what it is.

Andreas Antonopoulos

You should not be taking things at face value. Do not trust what you read without rationalizing it for yourself and always look for counter arguments. Read all the sources and then weigh each as unbiased as you can.

By being skeptical, it means you are a rational thinker and don’t just blindly accept things as they are. Which is an integral part of bitcoin, and a foundational value of all bitcoiners.

We have a saying in bitcoin, don’t trust, verify. I don’t want you to trust what I’m telling you, I want you to be inspired to learn more and discover your own truth.

I knew about bitcoin for a long time, but in hindsight I didn’t know anything.

I started off like everyone else, thinking it would either make me rich, or that it was cute nerd money that would just fade away someday…

Knowing about bitcoin, and realizing what bitcoin is, are two completely different things.

In bitcoin circles we call this phenomena falling down the rabbit hole. It’s the process of slowly realizing what bitcoin is and then spending months and months and hundreds of hours obsessively learning as much as you can.

My job is to make your fall down the rabbit hole as easy as possible, if you’re curious.

You’re journey begins…with a simple question..

What is bitcoin?

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