Why was Bitcoin Invented?

Bitcoin’s History

Let’s pull back the timechain for a moment here…

Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous inventor of bitcoin, was a cypherpunk. The cypherpunks were a group of rouge anti authoritarian computer programmers, digital liberty advocates and anarchists.

Basically a bunch of computer nerds, back in the 90s, who saw the writing on the wall, and were terrified of a future Orwellian surveillance state.

So they decided to take freedom into their own hands, creating technology that no government or corporation could stop.

And digital money was their holy grail.

The cypherpunks understood that without privacy and financial freedom all other rights are at stake.

And their breakthrough in inventing bitcoin was aimed at securing human liberty far into our digital future.

Bitcoin is Designed Money

It’s a tale as old as civilization itself.

Humans can’t be trusted to maintain a currency. Throughout history we have succumb to the temptation of making money without working for it.

Go figure.

So we used technology to invent a solution. It’s literally that simple.

Bitcoin is just an invention, like email or smartphones. Except it’s a new kind of native internet money, one which has a programmatic supply cap and can’t be manipulated.

Completely designed from the ground up to be the best money ever made, and is so powerful and unique that it has no competition.

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