Bitcoin solved the byzantine general’s problem, it’s a trust machine that requires no central party, government, bank, or corporation of any kind to manage it.

This is a revolution.

Bitcoin is a peaceful revolution. It’s opting out of the current – over leveraged, corrupt and statically failing – global economic system, with a digital asset that is the best savings technology in the history of mankind. No one is forced to join, it’s completely voluntary. It’s rules are set in stone, and its laws treat everyone equally.

Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin, and therefore, digital property. An invention unparalleled since the internet itself. The use cases are vast, and have already started to change the world.

Bitcoin is extremely decentralized, far more than any other cryptocurrency, establishing it as the first (and only) immutable ledger in history…Imagine, a way to create a record that can never be destroyed or altered, it’s like a fucking golden tablet on cyberspace mountain, which can never be reached, but it can be read by all.

Bitcoin is extremely transparent. It’s code is completely open source, meaning anyone can read or alter it. All transactions are broadcast to everyone, and you can read every transaction since the genesis block.

No matter your political persuasion, you can look at bitcoin and find something you agree with.

It’s very rare that you find a technology that’s the solution to every rich person’s problem and every poor person’s problem simultaneously.

Bitcoin democratizes money in the same way that the internet democratizes information.

It flattens power structures and lifts all boats. Bitcoin doesn’t care about your economic status, religion, gender, ethnicity, political views,

…bitcoin doesn’t even care if you’re a human…or a car, or a refrigerator, or a drone. Bitcoin enables automated, (and instant) value transfer, in a way that wasn’t previously possible.

Bitcoin is the only totally neutral global digital money.

It’s value add is its neutrality.

It’s decentralized nature makes it completely unique, and it’s extremely secure.

It’s an independent third party, that has no allegiance.

Bitcoin has no competition.

It’s only even close comparison is gold, but bitcoin is far superior.

It has no rivals in its quest for digital gold either, all direct competitors have failed to keep up, and the crypto space has moved on to other projects, it’s well established that bitcoin IS the money protocol. All other tokens are utility tokens, and have an ulterior purpose. This makes bitcoin the most neutral and therefore, soundest money, in history.

“Running non-stop for nine years, with almost zero financial loss on the chain itself, Bitcoin has become the most reliable and secure financial network in the world. When you send a valid Bitcoin transaction, you can bet the farm on it that it will be sent and that it will be received by your intended recipient. It’s right up there with death and taxes.” – Miguel Cuneta

It’s pretty much guaranteed at this point, bitcoin’s whole purpose is that it can’t be shut down.

I’ve tried so hard to find a weakness, but its security is very literally unparalleled.

You can create whatever forks you want, bitcoin will always exist. And there will never be more than 21 million. That kind of security guarantee is unique to both blockchains and the entire digital realm. You can use that bedrock foundation for so many things, all programmable on top of bitcoin. It’s more than a coin, it’s a financial system. 

Bitcoin will not be the “money” used for every transaction but it will become the foundation that money is layered upon.

We’re talking a new global financial and monetary system, built on the sturdiest money humanity has ever known.

One based on rules, not rulers.






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