Bitcoin is Ethical Money

It is a true peer-to-peer money system, controlled by the people, for the people. 

Bitcoin is money for the poor, divisible so anyone can afford to save their wealth

Bitcoin is neutral and fair, it doesn’t pick winners and losers

Bitcoin is the first completely global, completely borderless, completely decentralized, completely open, form of money

Everyone is entitled to saving the fruits of their labor, bitcoin is a store of value asset that can’t be diluted

Bitcoin is the best savings technology ever invented, and will fix many of the ills in the world which stem from bad monetary policy and lack of institutional property rights 

Equal opportunity, no discrimination, accessible to all

“Anyone can create a Bitcoin account, without charge and without any centralized vetting procedure— or even a requirement to provide a real name.” – Journal of economic perspectives

  • Who needs bitcoin?
    • “Ask a Venezuelan if they need bitcoin; the answer is yes. Someone from Argentina, Brazil, Ukraine, Greece, Cyprus…they need it. People who live under despotic governments and dictatorships, people who are fighting revolutions, people who are dealing with currency controls and corrupt banks, people who can’t trade internationally. People who do not have sufficient documentation to open a bank account, people trying to transmit money to their relatives across boarders in conflict areas…they need it. They need something that is free, open, borderless, and censorship-resistant. They need that for smart contracts, privacy and currency itself.” – Andreas The Internet of Money vol. 3

Ethics of money production: All these aspects lead to the conclusion that a free market in money production is ethically superior to its logical alternative: money production based on legal exemptions and privileges.”

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